Tips for Storing Your Car in our Self Storage Facility

Indoor vehicle storage is a more expensive option than a regular home garage, but it offers the most conveniences. Your enclosed self storage unit basically functions as a personal garage. You park your vehicle inside your storage unit, where it will remain completely sheltered from the elements and safe from potential theft and vandalism.

Features to Look for When Storing a Vehicle at a Self Storage Facility

·       Drive-Up Access: With drive-up access, you do not need equipment or    machinery to move your vehicle
·       24-Hour Access
·       Nearby Location
·       Video Surveillance: The sight of video surveillance cameras discourages potential thieves and gives you the peace of mind your vehicle is safe and secure
·       Electronic Gate Access and Flood Lighting: Added layers of Security is always important

Before rushing out to rent a self storage unit, you first need to work out if your car will actually fit into one. Shipping containers come in set sizes as laid out by theInternational Standards Organisation. The most common is 20 feet long, 8ft wide, and 8.5 feet high. This should be large enough for most models of cars in the UK – according to astudy made by Direct Line, the average car is 13.6 ft (4.12m) long, 6.4 ft (1.95 m) wide, and 4.8 ft high (1.47m). A standard 20ft shipping container will hold up to two cars (depending on their size)

Important Steps for Successful Storage
Consider whether you need to leave fuel in your vehicle
 Drain all the fuel from the car and disconnect the battery and alarm system. If you need to leave fuel in the vehicle then, to prevent petrol over time becoming "gummy", you can purchase and use fuel stabilisers like those is used for lawnmowers and garden equipment.
For example, Wynn's Fuel Stabilizer is an additive for petrol and LPG engines to preserve the fuel when a car is put into storage.

  • Prevents the degradation of petrol and facilitates engine starting after periods of extended shutdown.
  • Preserves and stabilises the fuel.
  • Protects the fuel system against rust and corrosion.
  • Prevents the formation of deposits in the fuel tank and filter.
  • Forms a protective lubricating coating on the valves and valve seats.

Prevent flat spots on tyres when in storage
Another thing to consider when storing a car is tyres because when left with low pressure the tyres can generate flat spots. It is advisable as a minimum to keep the car tyres at the recommended tyre pressure or to over-inflate them slightly. A classic car with fat bias-ply tyres will have more problems compared to a modern car with low-profile radial tyres. It can be advisable to jack the car up if stored for a lengthy period.

Clean and Polish / Wax the Car Before Storage
Before storing a car you need to clean and remove the dirt from the car, especially the wheel arches and wells. A clean interior with no food particles will prevent rotting and the attraction of animals. It is important to think about the chemicals that people use for car cleaning, for example, using certain car care products can cause issues in storage as they contain water. 

Use a Battery conditioner when in storage
Batteries on cars are designed to be used constantly and when a car is placed in storage the battery needs to be kept charged and allowed to discharge and recharge using an intelligent smart battery charger. The battery condition is vital for the cars electronic circuits and onboard computers.

A battery conditioner should ideally always be used. A normal car battery charger is not to be used. This will charge the battery and keep charging which can result in the sulfuric acid boiling.

There are many battery conditioners on the market including  like the BLACK+DECKER BM3B Connect to the battery terminals, plug into a mains supply and the Airflow Battery Conditioner will turn itself on and off as the battery needs it to maintain a full charge!

Windscreen Wiper issues when storing cars
Windscreen Wipers can stick to the glass if left in an uncontrolled environment and then if the car is started and the wipers are knocked by mistake this can cause damage to the wiper motor. You can wrap the wipers in clingfilm before storing or lift them off the screen and leave them in the up position.

Do not leave the handbrake on when storing a car
It is advisable to release the handbrake to prevent the brake pads sticking to the rotors. Wheels must be blocked from the front, back, and sides with wooden blocks or wheel chocks. The wheels need to be strapped securely with ratchet straps and then fit the straps to all the wheels by using the heavy lashing points located on the bottom of the container walls.

 Follow the steps above and your prized car will be ready to roll come the driving season, self storage is the perfect way to keep your car safe and shiny. No matter what your reason for storing your car, Corby Self Storage can help. If you are looking for self storage in Corby then contact our friendly team on 01536 402116 to see what we can offer or email
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