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Advice for Secure Motorcycle Storage

Advice for Secure Motorcycle Storage
Whether you’re working overseas, vacationing for a few months, only ride your motorbike on the weekends, using a self storage unit to store your motorbike is a great way to make sure that it remains in tip-top shape throughout the year. That’s why we’ve compiled some highly recommended advice for finding the best motorbike storage and preparing your motorbike for storage. Beware using a storage garage to rent or motorbike shed or something claiming to be a specific motorcycle garage it won't end well!

Finding the Right Motorbike Self Storage Facility
When storing a motorbike in a self storage facility, you’ll want to find a motorcycle storage site that will secure your bike from the weather. Boats and motorhomes can get away with outside storage units because they’re sturdier, but motorbikes need more protection. This is especially true if you live in an area where the weather isn’t favourable for most of the year.
Luckily, the solution is simple. Unlike boats and motorhomes, motorbikes are small enough to be stored inside of of our small storage units such as a 40 sq ft, which gives them all the cover they need from the weather. At Corby Self Storage we offer a storage solution with an unbeatable level of security at an affordable price

Also, take a look at our article on storage units sizes ‘How to Choose the right size unit’

Get the Right Size Self Storage for Motorbike Protection
As for self storage unit size, a 40 sq ft secure storage unit will generally be enough space to house one motorcycle and any accessories you may have, like helmets or jackets. However, if you’ll be storing multiple motorbikes, you may want to look into a larger store, such as a 80 or 160 sq ft to find one just the right size for your motorcycle storage. It should never be too much trouble to find the right secure storage units at a reasonable price
There’s also an option for short-term motorcycle storage with Corby Self Storage. This is very useful if you’re going out of town or being deployed for a few months, or if you only drive your motorcycle half of the year. If this is your situation, tell the friendly Corby Self Storage facility customer service team you’re interested in our short-term rental options. That way, you only pay for motorcycle storage when you need it. 

Clean it First!
Clean it First!
If you are one of those that love riding in winter then whilst it can be great, the truth is winter salt will do its best to eat your motorcycle alive. Black ice and freezing rain can make driving conditions hazardous to say the least. When there is a foot of snow outside sometimes it is better to simply admit defeat and store your pride and joy somewhere safe. But what is the best way of ensuring your bike survives winter and more importantly will start again in summer? Here are our top tips to storing your bike over winter or indeed anytime:

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Self Storage

As soon as you have your self storage unit secured, it’s time to prep your motorcycle for storage. If you’re putting your motorcycle into long-term storage and don’t plan to ride it for some time, there are additional preparations necessary for keeping your bike in good shape and fault free. Gerde Applethwaite, a blogger for Helmet City, suggested these steps:

Thoroughly Clean your Motorcycle
This may sound a little obvious but putting your into motorcycle storage, cleaning is a must! Putting your bike away clean and dry avoids any excess dirt and moisture festering over the Winter and turning into unwanted corrosion (especially around your brakes, chain & sprockets and electrics). After washing, a good coat of wax or polish on the paintwork will protect it from dust, dirt and moisture. It is also worth using a good corrosion inhibitor, such as Muc-Off HCB-1, Silkolene Pro-Prep or ACF-50 to protect plastic, metal, rubber and electrical connections from corrosion or oxidation. Cleaning your bike will also show up any damage to the bodywork or any issues that you need to sort while it’s stored away.

Water dispersing oil (WD40 or a range low cost similar product) works wonders when it comes to protecting the finish on engine cases or vulnerable parts. Apply it liberally using the can’s spray function to areas that need protecting but be very careful to avoid the brake discs and calipers. Spray a bit onto a cloth and wipe it over the wheels and chain rather than standing back and blasting the oil at the discs. Don’t worry about the smell as it burns off when you start the motorcycle.

Get it off the ground
Tyres Whilst in motorbike storage, tyres don’t like to be left with all the bike’s weight on them for a long period of time as this can cause flat spots so if possible suspend your bike off the ground on paddock stands. If this isn’t possible put a layer of old carpet between the tyre and the cold concrete floor of the motorbike storage unit and remember to rotate the wheels every few weeks.  

Add coolant
Make sure your bike’s coolant system is leak-free and your antifreeze mix is fresh. This will ensure that your motorcycle works properly after it’s been sitting for a while, especially during the winter months.

Secure and Look after your Tyres
Tyres will slowly leak air while they’re in motorbike storage, so it’s best to fill them up before storing so you don’t come back to two flat tyres. Many experts also recommend securing the motorcycle tyres by elevating it to take pressure off of the tires. This helps avoid flat spots that can develop if the bike is left in the same position for months on end. A motorcycle lift stand or centre stand can help accomplish this task.

Care for the battery
Like any other vehicle, a motorcycle battery can die if it goes unused for long periods of time. Applethwaite recommends removing the battery and putting it on a mild trickle charger or battery tender to keep it from losing its charge entirely. It’s particularly important to keep lithium batteries charged, too, since draining them may prevent the battery from ever charging again.

Fire Motorcycles Up Periodically
Condensation in the air can find its way into the exhaust pipe, causing it to rot from the inside out, so it is always a good idea to start the bike and give it a good warm up every few weeks. You don’t have to take it out of your motorcycle storage units, just ensure there is good ventilation so you don’t gas yourself and let it get up to temperature. A good tip it to let it tick over until the fan kicks in, that is more than warm enough. Remember to allow the bike to cool before covering it up again, blankets melt onto hot exhausts leaving a horrible mess that is a nightmare to remove!

Empty the fuel tank
To keep your fuel system in good condition, drain the fuel tank of any fuel. This will prevent corrosion and gunk from forming in your fuel lines. If that isn’t an option, leave your motorcycles with a full tank and use a fuel stabilizer, such as Sta-bil, to keep the fuel from breaking down while your motorcycles is in winter storage. A half-empty tank is worse than anything as it can create conditions for moisture to form and damage your tank. Modern petrol quickly loses its octane and leaves a gunky mess that can block injectors or carbs if you don’t flush it through by starting the motorcycle up. If you are running the bike’s motor every few weeks you will be fine.

Oil change
Change the engine oil and filter before storing. Used oil contains contaminants that can damage your motorcycle if left to sit for a prolonged period of time. While you are changing your motor oil, check your spark plugs and lubricate them as well.

Block the holes
First of all write a big note saying ‘holes blocked’ and put it on the key or ignition barrel, somewhere you can’t miss it. Right, this done now insert some cloth into areas such as the airbox intake scoops and exhaust pipe. Mice love setting up a winter hibernation home in airboxes and sucking a sleeping Mickey into your motor isn’t conclusive for smooth running…. Neither is sucking in a cloth, hence the warning note!!!·   

Replace fluids
Replace brake fluids and others. Brake fluids attract damp, which can create air bubbles in the system. Some owners strap the brake lever to the bar to keep bubbles out of the brake system, but this can damage the seals. Better to be aware of the problem, and replace the fluid re-bleed the system come spring.

Cover it up
Even when storing inside a secure motorcycle storage unit, you should use a specific motorbike storage cover. This will keep your bike secure from dust and dirt collecting on your motorcycle and accessories, but it will also keep out pests.When selecting a cover for the winter motorcycle storage, you should look for one that has breathable/ventilation features to prevent moisture trapping, is made of a light but durable, water-resistant material and fits your motorcycles snugly without being too loose or too tight. Before applying the motorbike cover, make sure your motorcycle is fully dry and cool to help reduce the build-up of condensation.
Carefully Cover Your Motorbike
Carefully Cover Your Motorbike

For more on winterizing your motorbike, this post features more detailed information on the steps above.
Drive Up, Safe and Secure Self Storage
Drive Up, Safe and Secure Self Storage
There are numerous other things you can do to prep for your motorbike storage, but we think we have the basics covered above – and if you’re the sort of motorcycle owner that likes a tinker, then we can guarantee that we will all be in the garage over Winter at some point, doing those little jobs that we forgot throughout the Summer, or busy planning next year’s modifications. At least by following a few simple steps, we know that when we open the garage door in Spring, we won’t be left feeling flat! Remember, if you are looking to store any motorised vehicle such as quad bikes, scooters, cars or indeed electric bikes then many of these tips will equally apply.

Contact Corby Self Storage for your Motorcycle Storage
Follow the steps above and your prized motorcycle will be ready to roll come riding season, self storage is the perfect way to keep your motorcycle safe and shiny. No matter what your reason for storing your motorcycle, the Corby Self Storage solution can help with a great price, great service, top quality motorcycle storage units, the highest level of security with the right insurance for your motorcycle. You'll even get a complimentary secure heavy duty and weather proof padlock! 

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