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Business Self Storage

Using Commercial Self Storage in Corby for your Business

Free up Your Work Space

If you and your customers are tired of cramped, cluttered office or home spaces, then it’s time to find a solution. Using the Corby Self Storage units is a great way to solve this problem with storage ideas for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Using Corby Self Storage Facility to Move Your Business online

Declutter Your Work Space

If you’re working from home you need an office space. Somewhere quiet with a desk, great WiFi connection, and room for paperwork and files. If you need to de-clutter a room in your home, self storage units are the ideal solution. Check out this self storage blog.

Could Corby Self Storage Help Your Charity?

Generous Discounts Available

Shipping containers offer fantastic value secure weatherproof storage, and we find that local councils, schools, scout and sports clubs; almost any community group may want or benefit from having a secure storage container to keep all their gear in. Check out our discounted self storage help.

Self Storage Units with Office Space Under One Roof A Place Your Business Can Grow

Modern Offices and Meeting Rooms

At Corby Business Centre you can have the best of both worlds, a modern business centre for your office needs with the convenience of multiple storage options in the same building. We have both large and small self storage units to suit your needs.

Local Storage Units and Document Storage

Organise Document Storage

Regulations typically require that a business should use file storage for up to 10 years. That translates into loads of paper. Despite often being overlooked, proper document storage is vital to a business.