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Could Corby Self Storage Help your Charity?

Corby Self Storage Facility is committed to being a responsible business in making a positive contribution with long term benefits to society and our local communities. Moreover, we are committed to being a company that our current and prospective colleagues are proud to work for as well as one that our customers can trust.
Secure Self Storage
Secure Self Storage
We are not just passionate about providing safe and secure storage to our customers. Part of our wider mission as a company is to offer support to local charities and communities. As part of this commitment, we’re delighted to have donated storage space to the Ukrainian appeal and the Corby Pole Fair. In addition, our sister company, Corby Business Centre, has helped several local charities including Corby Food Bank, Corby Nightlight for the homeless and Corby Sports Dimensions, supporting and encouraging young people to get active.
Partner of Corby Self Storage
Partner of Corby Self Storage

At Corby Self Storage we could:
  • provide fundraising support to existing and new local charity partners
  • offer free or discounted storage and office space for charities within our local communities 
  • actively seek out practical and creative solutions by working with and supporting a number of charitable causes
  • leverage social media and our blog platform to promote our charity partners and raise awareness of their cause
We continue to strive to create long-standing relationships with charities and organisations that drive positive change within our local communities. We know that we can build trust by operating responsibly and partnering with local and national charities which means that we can support causes that are important to our colleagues, customers, and communities. This enables us to address issues such as rising homelessness, enhancing social mobility and creating opportunities for people living and working in the local area.

Could a Self Storage Unit help your community? 

Whether its our large storage units or small storage units, here are just a few ideas:
Shipping Containers for Schools

The COVID19 outbreak meant that schools have had to introduce new social distancing rules into their classrooms and playgrounds.  This has caused many headaches for staff as they have worked to adapt whilst still being able to accommodate all their students.  In many cases this has so far proved impossible, and some schools may soon need to find some additional learning spaces.  A shipping container could serve as an ideal space to store those items that are only used occasionally through the academic year.  If you have any ideas for a self storage shipping container project for your school, please do get in touch!

Shipping Containers for Food Banks

Many UK Food Banks operate from community buildings such as churches and village halls.  These venues can become short on storage space – if a food bank is only operational on specific days, then keeping the food somewhere secure and accessible can be a challenge.  This is where a shipping container food bank can come in very handy indeed!

For a relatively low cost these outside storage units can provide an ideal storage option for food banks. There is also the option of adding container shelving and lighting.  Secure Lock boxes are fitted as standard on our self storge containers, and you receive a free heavy duty padlock as well.
High Quality Secure Self Storage
High Quality Secure Self Storage
Shipping Container Community ‘Library of Things’

This is still one of our favourite shipping container discoveries!  A community library of useful items that local people can borrow in return for a small membership fee – items available include tools, gazebos, and carpet cleaners.

Secure self storage for community organisations and sports clubs 

Shipping containers offer fantastic value secure weatherproof storage, and we find that local councils, schools, scout and guiding groups, sports clubs, and almost much any community group may want or benefit from having a secure storage container to keep all their gear in.
Clean and Secure
Clean and Secure
Have you got a burning idea for a community project that you could bring to life in a self-storage unit?  Our units can be used and adapted in so many ways.

Have a read of this article on how we helped Corby Foodbank

If you are looking support for self storage for your charity or community project in Corby then contact our friendly team on 01536 402116 to see what we can offer or email info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk