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Find Cardboard Boxes for Moving Free and Self Storage - Here's How!

Find Cardboard Boxes for Moving Free and Self Storage - Here's How!

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? If you’re planning a move or putting your things into self storage, you know that packing materials can be expensive. But what if we told you there’s a way to save money and still protect your belongings during the move or whilst in self- storage units? That’s right, cardboard boxes for moving and free packing boxes are out there, waiting for you to find them! In this blog post, we’ll explore various sources where you can score these free treasures and provide tips on reusing and strengthening them for a safe and efficient move.

Short Summary
  • Discover a range of free cardboard moving boxes for moving and self storage from supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, online platforms, schools & universities, print shops and office buildings, discount stores & wholesale outlets. Recycling centres & landfills.
  • Bookstores and libraries offer sturdy containers that can withstand the weight of belongings while DIY/department stores provide purchasable options. Friends, family or neighbours may also be able to help out with free packing boxes.
  • Reinforce cardboard boxes with packing tape before use to ensure a stress-free move while being ecofriendly!

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
One of the most popular sources for free moving boxes is your local supermarket or grocery store. These establishments often have an abundance of cardboard boxes from their many deliveries to customers. To increase your chances of finding a variety of empty boxes, visit the local store during restocking hours, which usually occur early in the morning or late at night.
Not only are these boxes free, but they are also large and robust, especially those used to transport heavy items such as alcohol. By providing customers access to these boxes free of charge, supermarkets save on disposal costs and you get to save money while packing for your move.

Local Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Cafes
Local restaurants, fast food restaurants and cafes are another affordable and fantastic source for free moving boxes and self storage units. These establishments receive regular deliveries of paper delivered in sturdy cardboard boxes, making them very flexible and ideal for moving your belongings. Places like Costa Coffee and Starbucks are known to have free cardboard boxes available.
When sourcing boxes from fast food restaurants and cafes, it’s essential to inspect them for any potential spillage and opt for corrugated cardboard boxes containing dry items. Visiting areas with a high concentration of bars and restaurants can help you optimize your time and find a variety of boxes suitable for your move.

Online Platforms: Freecycle, Gumtree, and Facebook Groups
The internet is a treasure trove of free stuff, including an opportunity to find free cardboard boxes for your self storage units and moving. Online platforms such as Freecycle, Gumtree, and Facebook Groups connect you with people in your local area who are giving away large cardboard boxes for free. To find free moving boxes on local online Freecycle group, join your local online group and post a request. Then, wait for any potential responses.

Similarly, you can locate free moving boxes on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace in your local area. Remember, joining local business organizations and community groups on Facebook can also be helpful in finding free moving boxes.
Before using boxes from these online platforms, it’s crucial to inspect them for any damage, insects, or wet spots. Ensuring the boxes are in good condition will help protect your belongings during the move and whilst in your self storage unit.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Educational institutions, facilities such as schools, colleges, and universities, are often overlooked sources to get free cardboard boxes. To inquire about the availability and pricing of a cardboard box, contact the administration office or reception of the institution. These cardboard boxes are likely to be strong and sturdy, suitable for packing your belongings safely for the move or being placed in your self storage unit.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to score some free moving boxes from nearby business locations and educational institutions.

Removal Companies, Print Shops and Office Buildings
Print shops, removal companies and office buildings are yet another affordable and convenient source to get free cardboard boxes. These establishments often receive paper and office supplies deliveries of stock delivered in strong cardboard boxes. Print shops, in particular, have large boxes used for transporting reams of paper, while copy centers have an abundance of copier paper boxes.
To obtain free boxes from a removal company, print shops and office buildings, simply ask the office manager or receptionist if they have any boxes available. These boxes are flexible, ideal for storing heavy items and are consistent in size, making them easy to manage during your move.
Local Discount Shops and Wholesale Businesses
Local discount shops and wholesale outlets, such locations as:
  • B&M
  • Poundland
  • Home Bargains
  • Makro
  • Costco
  • Bestway
  • Removal Companies
  • Self Storage Facilities
Receive goods in bulk and may have access to a facility with many cardboard boxes, including large cardboard boxes, available for free. These packing boxes are perfect for securing your belongings for the move. Our facility accepts corrugated cardboard boxes, ensuring proper disposal and recycling.
To get your hands on these free moving boxes, simply visit your local discount store or wholesale outlet and ask if they have any boxes available for you to take. You’ll not only save money on packing materials, but also contribute to a more sustainable move by reusing your own boxes for moving house.

Local Recycling Centres and Landfills
The local recycling centre, and landfills are great places for finding free moving boxes that can be restored with some packing tape. As you can imagine, these second hand boxes have reached the cardboard boxes end of their initial use, so it’s essential to inspect them for any damage, infestations, or unwanted items before using them for your move.
Reinforcing these boxes with packing tape will ensure they’re strong enough to protect your belongings during the move with your removal company. By using packing supplies and reusing most cardboard boxes from recycling centres and landfills, you’re not only saving money, but also contributing to a greener move.
Recycle Boxes
Recycle Boxes

Bookstores and Libraries
Bookstores and libraries often have sturdy boxes designed to hold heavy books and stationery supplies making them perfect for storage and moving. These extra-strong boxes can withstand the weight of your belongings and ensure they’re well protected during storage and the move.
To find free boxes at bookstores and libraries, simply ask the staff if they have any boxes available. You might be surprised at the price and how many boxes you can score from these establishments, all while saving money on the prices and packing materials.
Books in Boxes
Books in Boxes

DIY Stores and Department Stores
DIY stores and department stores receive deliveries in strong cardboard boxes, which can be ideal for storing or moving your belongings from storage units. Though some large chain DIY stores like B&Q may sell boxes for your storage unit relocation, there’s still a chance you can find free boxes at other diy and department stores too.
Visit your local DIY or department store and ask the staff if they have any spare boxes you can take for your move. With a little effort, you can find plenty of free cardboard boxes to safely pack your belongings. Alternatively, if you prefer new ones, some stores sell cardboard boxes specifically designed for moving purposes.

Friends, Family, and Neighbours
Don’t forget about your personal network when searching for free cardboard moving boxes. Friends, family, and neighbours may have leftover empty boxes laying around from their own moves or deliveries. Simply reach out to your network and see if anyone has boxes they’re willing to give away.
Before using any boxes from friends or neighbours when moving house, be sure to inspect them for damage or wear and reinforce or secure them with packing tape if needed. This way, you can ensure your belongings are protected during the move, all while saving money on packing materials.

Tips for Reusing and Reinforcing Cardboard Boxes
When reusing cardboard boxes for moving, it’s important to:
  • Reinforce them with packing tape
  • Check for any damage or wear
  • Inspect any used boxes for insects, dampness, or unwanted items
  • Consider reinforcing them with packing tape to guarantee their stability
This will ensure your belongings are protected when with your removal company and help you avoid any mishaps.
This simple step can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and stress-free move. Remember, reusing cardboard boxes for moving house or storage not only saves you money, but it’s also an eco-friendly choice. By sourcing free cardboard boxes from various sources mentioned above, you’re contributing to a greener move and reducing waste.

In conclusion, finding free cardboard boxes for your home move or self storage unit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. From supermarkets and grocery stores to your local recycling centre, fast food chains, centres and landfills, there are numerous sources where you can score free boxes. By following the tips and tricks shared in this blog post, you can save money on packing materials and contribute to a more sustainable move. So why not start your hunt for free cardboard boxes today and make your move both cost-effective and eco-friendly?