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Self Storage Facilities for Villages Near Corby

This article provides an overview of self storage options in several towns and villages close to Corby, highlighting the rich histories and growing communities of Uppingham, Oundle, Kettering, Desborough, and Market Harborough. It then provides information on the available self storage unit options in each location, including local and national companies that offer a range of unit sizes. 

Whether you are looking for a Corby self storage facility for household or business storage or something closer to home, this article will help you find the best storage solutions to meet your needs.

Self Storage In Uppingham
Uppingham is a historic market town that has a rich and fascinating history.  A key development in its history was the establishment of Uppingham School, a prestigious independent school that was founded in 1584. The school has played a significant role in the Uppingham's history, providing employment opportunities, and attracting families from around the world to live in the area.

Uppingham School

Today, Uppingham continues to thrive as a popular destination for tourists, families, and businesses alike. Its charming atmosphere, rich history, and strong community spirit make it a unique and special place to live, work, and visit.

For self storage units in Uppingham the only such unit facility of any kind is Uppingham Self Storage. They are a small Uppingham storage unit facility with limited unit capacity. For a more complete offer for self storage units in Uppingham you would be better to look at a large, modern storage units such as Corby Self Storage facility.

Self Storage in Gretton
In the mid-20th century, Gretton was a small, rural village with a primarily agricultural economy. However, with the growth of nearby Corby as a major industrial town, Gretton began to experience increased development and population growth.

Gretton War Memorial

In more recent years, Gretton has continued to evolve and develop. The village has seen the construction of several new housing developments, including affordable housing for residents. The community centre has been expanded and modernised, and Gretton has also seen the establishment of new shops and businesses.

Gretton self storage units are not available for rent in the village but located just a short drive from Gretton, Corby Self Storage provides a range of storage options, from small lockers to large units for commercial use. They offer flexible rental periods, with no long-term commitment required, and provide 24-hour access to their secure facilities. They also have on-site security, with CCTV surveillance and an alarm system.

Self Storage In Kettering
Kettering has undergone significant growth and development, becoming a hub of commerce and industry in the region.
One of the major developments in Kettering in recent years has been the construction of a new business park, which has attracted several large companies to the area. This has created many new jobs and brought economic benefits to the town.

Kettering Train Station

Kettering has also seen improvements to its transportation infrastructure, with the construction of a new train station and improvements to the road network. This has made it easier for people to travel to and from Kettering, as well as making it more accessible for businesses and commuters.

There are several options available for self storage units in Kettering:
·      Kettering Self Storage is a locally owned and operated secure self-storage facility that offers a range of storage space and unit sizes to meet your business or own space needs.
·      Safestore is a national self-storage company that has a location in Kettering. They offer customers the convenience ofa range of storage unit sizes and options.
·      Storage King is another national self-storage company that has a location for self storage in Kettering. They offer to keep your belongings safe if you are moving house
·      Kettering Storage Solutions is a locally owned and operated self-storage facility service.
·      Extra Room Self Storage is a Kettering self storage facility. They offer customers a free collection and delivery service, which can be useful if you are unable to collect, store and transport your items to the facility yourself.

Self Storage in Market Harborough
In recent years, the town has undergone significant growth and development, becoming a popular destination for both residents and visitors. The major development in Market Harborough has been the modernisation and expansion of its transport links. The town is now served by a modern railway station, which provides regular services to London, Birmingham, and other major cities.

Market Harborough The Old School

Market Harborough has transformed from a traditional market town into a thriving hub of commerce, culture, and community. Its recent history reflects the changing needs and expectations of modern society, and it continues to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of the future.

If you're looking for self storage units in Market Harborough, you'll be pleased to know that there are a number of options available. Here are just a few:
·      Store First is a national self storage service provider with a location for stores and self storage units in Market Harborough. The facility is easily accessible from the A6 and offers a range of storage options, from small lockers for furniture and boxes to large units.
·      Harborough Self Storage is a family-run business located just outside of Market Harborough. The facility offers its customers access to a range and convenience of secure storage options, including individual units and containers
·      Storage King are also a national self storage space and equipment provider offering Market Harborough self storageequipment, from small lockers to large units.
·      Stash It Self Storage Market Harborough is a family-run business located just outside of Market Harborough. The site is fully fenced and secured with secure 24-hour full access and CCTV, and you can access your own small storage unit at any time using your own key.

Alternatively, you could look for self storage in Corby.

Self Storage In Desborough
In recent history, Desborough has undergone significant changes and developments, particularly in terms of its economy, infrastructure, and community.

During the 20th century, Desborough was known for its thriving shoe and boot-making industry but as the industry declined in the latter half of the century, Desborough faced economic challenges, including high unemployment rates.

Desborough Shoe Trade

Desborough has undergone a period of regeneration, with the construction of new housing developments, the redevelopment of the town centre, and the establishment of several industrial parks.

When it comes to Self Storage in Desborough the only company that will appear in a search is JE Martin but they don’t have a website or a description of all the storage units in Desborough they offer. For a modern self storage facility within easy travelling distance, you may well be better off looking at a Corby storage facility for Desborough self- storage space. Have a look at Corby Self Storage as a modern low-cost option.

Self Storage in Weldon
In recent years, Weldon has undergone significant changes and developments, particularly in terms of housing and infrastructure. Despite these changes, Weldon has managed to retain much of its historic charm and character, with many of its older buildings and landmarks still standing. Weldon is home to several historic churches and several listed buildings, including Weldon Manor house and the Old Rectory house.

Weldon Village

Today, Weldon is a thriving community with a range of amenities and services, including a village hall, a post office, a pub, and a range of shops and businesses. It is well-connected to the surrounding areas, with easy access to major road networks and public transportation links.

For a self storage unit in Weldon the only business in Weldon itself is Weldon 
Self Storage. It is a local family-run business that has been providing storage solutions to the local community for over 15 years. Alternatively, you will need to look at one of the large, modern self storage units in corby from companies such as Corby Self Storage. There might be plans for one of the national self storage companies to open a store close by, but nothing has yet appeared as an option for self storage Weldon.

Self Storage In Rothwell
In the late 20th century, Rothwell was known for its steel and iron industries, which provided employment for much of the local population. However, as global demand for steel declined, many of the Rothwell's factories and mills closed, leading to high levels of unemployment and economic hardship.

Rothwell Heritage Centre

Rothwell has also seen significant investment in its infrastructure, including the construction of a new bypass to reduce traffic congestion, and the renovation of the historic Market House. In addition to its economic and infrastructure changes, Rothwell has also experienced growth in its population, with several new housing developments being built in recent years.

If you are looking for a self storage unit in Rothwell there aren't any real options in the town itself. However, there are some reasonably close by:
  • Storage King is a nationwide chain of self storage facilities, and they have a location in Kettering, which is just a short drive from Rothwell to store your belongings and furniture.
  • Access Self Storage has locations all over the UK, including one in Northampton, which is less than 10 miles from Rothwell. They offer a range of additional services, including packing materials and removals.
  • Go Store are in Kettering and have purpose-built commercial storage units, available for rent in a range of sizes to fit all needs and budgets.
  • David Bletsoe-Brown Self Storage have a facility in Kettering is close to Junction 7 of the A14 giving easy access to customers from Corby, Market Harborough, Wellingborough, Thrapston and surrounding areas as well as all areas of Rothwell

Self Storage In Oundle
In the 10th century, Oundle was known as Undal, which means "undivided land," and was part of the lands owned by the Saxon Earl of Mercia. During the Norman Conquest, Oundle was granted to the Bishop of Lincoln, who built a castle in the area. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Oundle continued to grow and prosper, with new industries such as tanning and brewing being established.

Oundle Market Day

Today, Oundle is a vibrant and thriving market town, with a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Its historic architecture, including the remains of the medieval castle, attracts visitors from all over the world, and its lively market and independent shops continue to be a central feature of town life.

There are very limited options if you are looking for secure storage units in Oundle but here they are:
·      Oundle Self Storage facilities are located just outside of the town centre, and offers full access and a range of storage space for tools and equipment to suit your needs. Units are clean, dry, and secure.
·      Although not located in Oundle itself, M40 Self Storage Oundle is just a short drive away in nearby Kettering. All units, tools, furniture and equipment are secure, with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and secure gated access.
·      Wansford Self Storage is a store located just a few miles outside of Oundle, in the village of Wansford. Wansford Self Storage offers the space and flexible rental terms, making it a great option for short-term storage needs.
·      Big Yellow Self Storage has a location in nearby Peterborough, which is just a short drive from Oundle. Big Yellow Self Storage Oundle offers a variety of other services, such as empty boxes, packing boxes, materials and van rentals.

This article has highlighted the rich histories and growing communities of Uppingham, Oundle, Kettering, Desborough, and Market Harborough. It then provides key information on the available self-storage options in each locations well as self storage in Corby, including local and national companies that offer a range of unit sizes and flexible rental periods. Whether you're looking for a small locker or a large unit for commercial use, there are plenty of options available in these areas to suit your needs.

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