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Changing Storage Units

Your Changing Self Storage Needs
Changing units - Your self storage needs may change over time, that’s why we are flexible about our self storage rental contracts. At your convenience, you can change your storage unit to suit your needs at any time.

Can I move to a different unit at your self storage facility?
Yes, we understand that customers needs might change in long term storage, so we make moving self storage units as easy as possible. You can make this change at any time. For more tips on long term storage real this article

How do I change units?
You can get in touch with a member of our team about your new requirements and we will help you to reserve a new unit at our self storage facilities. This can this be done using your personal online account.

What is the extra cost to change my unit for more space?
For all the storage units, we will not charge you an additional price to transfer to another of our storage unit sizes. If you need to store more belongings, that's no problem. Tot find out more about storage costs go over to this article
No Hidden Extra Costs
No Hidden Extra Costs
How will I know what size unit I will need?
You can use our unit size calculator to determine the size of your self storage unit or you can talk to a member of our friendly team who can help you to determine the size room that would best suit your needs.
Can I move to another Corby Self Storage location?
Yes, you can transfer your belongings to another self storage facility, speak to a member of our team about reserving space at another of our locations.

Other questions about accessing your storage space? You will find everything you need to know on this page: How to access my unit or if you are moving house then read our Removals and Storage Our Home Moving Checklist

How do I get in touch with the Corby Self Storage Facility?
If you have any questions about changing your storage unit, you can email us info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk or contact us on 01536 402116
Any other questions we can help with then click here

Dry and Clean Storage Units
Dry and Clean Storage Units