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Moving Out Your Storage Unit

What do I need to do when I need to move out of my self storage unit?
For all the storage units, you will need to log into your personal online account to cancel your storage unit contract. 
Once I have cancelled my contract, how should I leave the storage unit?
Once you have removed your belongings, please make sure that your self storage units are empty and swept clean. You can leave the padlock and keys inside the unit where you found them on your first entry. Place the combination lock on the outside of the unit to secure it. Once this is complete, email the office to confirm you have done this with the date and time. 
Corby Self Storage retains the right to extend your rental contract if these conditions are not met. 
Sparkling Clean Please!
Sparkling Clean Please!

What do I do with my free locks?
When your storage space is empty and swept, place the padlock and key inside the self storage unit where you found them when you first entered the storage unit. Secure the unit with the combination lock.

Can I leave any of my belongings behind that I no longer need?
No, please don’t leave behind any of your belongings at our self storage facilities. Your storage unit must be clean and empty when your contract ends. If you no longer want some of the goods you have stored, you are responsible for disposing of them. If you wish to keep some of your stuff in storage then you can move to one of our other storage unit sizes. You can check online what the storage prices are.
Corby Self Storage facility reserves the right to extend your contract if your unit is not returned to us empty and clean. 

What if I haven’t moved out by the planned date?
If you have not vacated the storage unit by the planned date, we are flexible in extending your contract. The Terms & Conditions of the contract and prevailing price will still apply. 

What if my plans change?
If your plans change and you wish to continue renting your unit, you can do so. Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 01536 402116 to see if there will be any extra cost.

If you require a change in unit, you can transfer to a smaller or larger unit. There is no transfer fee to move units if this would suit you better.

How do I get in touch with Corby Self Storage?
If you have any questions about moving out your storage unit, you can email us info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk or contact our customer services team on 01536 402116
Any other questions we can help with then click here
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