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Considerations for Personal Self Storage in Corby

There are many reasons why clients might need our Smartbox Self Storage facilities for personal storage such as needing to store items during a move or home renovations, contents from house clearances, belongings while you travel or emigrate, attend University, or to simply make more space in your home.
Corby Self Storage provides the perfect solution for storing your personal effects and keeping them in pristine condition. Safe, secure with the ultimate convenience.

1.    How long am I tied in for?
How long will you need storage for? A month? Six months? Longer? You must have the peace of mind that, if your plans change, then you are not locked into a long-term contract you can’t stop paying for. Corby Self Storage offer flexible, transparent storage agreements that you can end at any time with only a month’s notice and start back up again whenever you like, you only pay for what you use. If it's very short-term student storage then it couldn't be better.
2.    Are drive up storage units suitable?
You want your belongings to come out of your self storage unit in the same condition they went in, so check that the quality of the units at your chosen self storage facility is in good condition. 
Look for the latest specification ISO standard containers with a minimum of 14 ventilation points for maximum airflow. Doors should have the easy open waist height handle, so they open with minimum effort with a single locking rod for quick, easy access. The inside of self-storage units should have a solid, sealed marine ply floor to keep your belongings clean and dry. A PU-coated floor will help make it easier to keep clean. Our outside storage units are top-of-the-range.
High Quality Drive Up Self Storage Units
High Quality Drive Up Self Storage Units
3.    How secure will your belongings be in the storage unit?
The idea of leaving your goods away from your home or storage can be daunting, and understandably so. You want to know your belongings will be always safe and secure. Before choosing your self storage facility check what security measures all the storage units have in place
All units in modern self storage facilities will be made of solid steel, wind and watertight and have a factory fitted high security lock box. You should also be provided with a heavy-duty padlock which can be protected from criminals by being placed under the lockbox.
Quality Approved by the SSA
Quality Approved by the SSA
 4.    What are the key features of the facility security?
The most essential form of security at any self storage site is an effective and up-to-date CCTV system, especially in today’s world. At Corby Self Storage we have the latest and very best HikVision equipment with high-quality imaging, 4 MP resolution and infra-red night vision. The NVR must record 24/7 to enable the coverage to be recorded/viewed, a proven deterrent to criminal activity.
You also need to feel safe and secure night or day from the moment you drive up to the facility. Look out for the very latest LED high power, energy efficient flood lighting, operating from dusk until dawn with PIR sensors.
The facility perimeter should be high security metal fencing and only store at a gated facility with controlled gate access. This means only customers with a PIN code can get to access the facility with entry and exit times tracked and logged for added security. Beware, a storage garage to rent will have none of these.
24/7 Recorded CCTV
24/7 Recorded CCTV
 5.    How often do you need to access your storage unit?
Check the self storage access hours are convenient. The last thing you want to find is that you can’t access when you need to! At Corby Self Storage we give the client ultimate access flexibility with free, unlimited access 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can simply drive straight up to your unit any time night or day for both small storage units and large storage units.
Remember to look for a facility that is close by so you can pop in as frequently as you need to. Our facility is conveniently located close to the Asda retail park on Phoenix Park Way, opposite Howdens, Jewsons and Wolseley Plumbing on Pilot Road.
 6.    What can and can’t you store?
 There are strict rules when it comes to what you can and can’t store in self-storage, so ask your storage provider if you’re not sure. Take a look at the terms, item 18.
 7.    Preparing and storing your items
Preparing and organising your items properly will give you the best value from your storage. Take a look at our guide on our blog to help you save time, space and money.
Individually Alarmed Secure Storage
Individually Alarmed Secure Storage
No deposit, no reservation fee, no notice period, no hassle, just pay for what you need. Ultimate convenience for safe and secure easy access self storage, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are looking for self storage in Corby then contact our friendly team by email or call 01536 402116 to discuss what we can do to help with our self storage facilities.

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