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How to Use a Self Storage Facility When Selling a House and Moving

Selling a house and moving to your new home is one of the most stressful events people ever undertake. But, by using a self storage unit, it doesn’t have to be so stressful.
Here we will discuss several great tips on how to use self storage to make the whole process much more manageable even if its just student storage.
Corby Self Storage Quality Assured
Corby Self Storage Quality Assured
Make Your Current Home More Saleable
Space sells, fact. Buyers are all looking for a home that will house all their stuff with room to spare and room to grow – and it’s one of the biggest reasons to move.
It therefore makes perfect sense for you to make your home feel as spacious as possible when you have it on the market – and that just can’t happen if you have too much stuff everywhere. The trick is to tackle that stuff in a way that helps in the move.

Also, take a look at our article on storage units sizes ‘How to Choose the right size unit’

Store the items that you don’t use frequently or won’t need before you move out of the house now, taking the time to pack them carefully.
Declutter and pack Carefully
Declutter and pack Carefully
You want your home to look fresh and uncluttered – so considering using self storage for items that you won’t need while selling makes perfect sense,
It’s giving your home space to sell more quickly – while keeping everything you need safe.
How much better would your home sell if the following were true: –
·              Lofts are bare so that buyers can see the space (great if it’s a good space for a future loft conversion)
·              Garages can show that they can fit a car in!
·              Sheds are shown as valuable storage space rather than clogged up with everything that’s just ended up there over the years
·              Cupboards can be opened without fear of avalanche
·              The tops of wardrobes can be bare
·              Shelves can be less cluttered
·              Room sizes are clear and not obstructed by lots of stuff

Using a self storage unit means potential buyers aren’t distracted by an overflow of your personal items everywhere. For tips on how to store furniture you can read our article on this HERE
More Insight for Effective Decluttering
If you’ve decluttered at the start of your moving process, then in theory everything you have left (and may have stored) will be what you truly want/need.
It doesn’t always work like that though and storing it away can help you to see what you truly need rather than what you think you do.
Living without some of your things for a while may help you realise that you don’t need it after all. It may be a great steppingstone to some extra decluttering and is a good halfway house before letting it come into your new home and clutter it up all over again.
Better Preparation
Using your local self storage facility during the moving process allows you more time to prepare for your move. Not everyone is comfortable moving their whole life in one day, which can become pretty overwhelming. As with most tasks, it’s easier to break the moving process into more manageable chunks. 

By investing in self storage space, you can gradually move your furniture, decor, and household items into safe and secure self storage over a few months. Letting some stuff go into your storage unit earlier allows you to move out in stages – you can tackle things in an organised way – and there’s no reason why you can’t add a few more boxes each week as well – every little helps!

When moving day arrives, you can transfer your necessities into your new house, gradually remove your other furniture from your self storage facility, and get your new home up and running in a controlled and organised way

Transition Period Between Moves
Often, moving house is not a simple process. Sometimes, homeowners are left without a place to live between moves. If your move-out day arrives before your new property is ready, you will need somewhere to carefully store your furniture and household items. During these transition periods, which can last weeks or months, you should consider investing in a larger self storage unit. Your furniture will be kept safe and secure, ready for when your new property is available. Whether you need one of our large storage units or small storage units it will be a huge benefit.
Move what you Want, When you Want
Move what you Want, When you Want
Room To Do Things In Your New Home
Moving into your new house is an exciting time – and there is no doubt that you will have certain things you want to tackle pretty much immediately.
Trouble is, as soon as you get the keys and step through the door, the removals van is right behind and ready to unload everything for you.
This means that the new house gets filled and then the projects must wait until you have time to move things around and make space for doing them.  Whether it’s because their new house isn’t quite ready yet, renovations are still taking place or they just haven’t worked out furniture arrangements, knowing what to do with furniture and household items can prove tricky. Self storage units can be used for all manner of things, such as:
·       Garden tools whilst waiting for the new shed to go up.
·       Sofas while cleaning or renovating the living room.
·       Kitchen equipment and crockery while the kitchen is redone.
·       Bed frames and wardrobes while bedrooms are redecorated.
·       Kids toys to keep bedrooms free of clutter while moving.
·       Items you’re not sure you want to keep but need out of the way while you decide.

More top tips can be found here for moving home

Less worry about moving and possibly breaking things, less hands-on work for you to keep moving things around – and you can then unpack properly once those jobs were done and bring things in slowly in a more manageable way.
Clean, Dry and Secure for your Precious Belongings
Clean, Dry and Secure for your Precious Belongings
Follow the steps above and your house move will be stress free. No matter what your reason for storing during your house move, Corby Self Storage can help. If you are looking for self storage in Corby, then contact our friendly team on 01536 402116 to see what we can offer or email info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk
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