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How to Pack Things Safely in Self Storage Units

Shipping containers and a cheap, easy, and quick way to get a large amount of secure outside storage units. We have good access for a delivery van onto our self storage facility so you can drive right up to the self storage unit to unload your goods. Those businesses that need regular easy access to stocks and supplies can drop by the unit when they need to pick up supplies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The shipping container structure itself is obviously very well built and breaking into a properly secured container will require some form of heavy cutting gear, well beyond the scope of your average opportunist. All the containers at our Corby Self Storage facility are fitted with a high security lock box and a heavy-duty padlock. Of course, you should also ensure that your contents are fully insured for their full value.

However, although it may seem easy to cram all your equipment and belongings into storage units, locking up and forgetting about it – whether its for small storage units or large storage units, it does make all the difference when you take the time to pack the unit correctly to ensure you’re making the most of the space and getting your money’s worth too.

Have Everything to Hand Before You Begin
Firstly, get together some good sturdy boxes and packing materials. You can use bubble wrap, dust sheets but you can keep costs down by using old newspaper for example. Remember using same sizes boxes will making packing them into the container more efficient and will make it easier to move them around if you need to late
Consider anything else that might be required to protect your items too, such as lock boxes or small safes for further security, for instance.
Have Your Packing to Hand
Pack Your Items Appropriately
Although it may sound obvious, packing your heavier items at the bottom and lighter belongings at the top, will often be forgotten in the rush of packing and loading. By keeping heavier and sturdier items at the bottom, you’ll not only be protecting the smaller, more delicate items, but also creating a safer stacking structure too. If you’re storing bulkier, and awkwardly shaped items, it’s a good idea to place softer items on top of them, rather than attempting to pile awkward items on top of one another. Not only can this be dangerous should it fall, but it also increases your chances of damaging or breaking valuables.

Categorise Your Items
While it’s incredibly tempting to pack all your smaller items in together, it’s a better idea to sit down before packing to categorise all your belongings to avoid unpacking and then repacking boxes, looking for something specific later down the line. One way to do this is through the Store Log Flog app, where you can generate a logit card for each of your items and include details of their location and value as well.
Organising Your Self Storage Unit 
Before you so much as begin unloading your items into your unit, it’s a good idea to first decide where each of your items will go. By doing this, not only are you making the most of the space available to you, but you’ve also got an in-depth overview of everything in your self-store unit should you ever need to easily find anything.
The first thing you should do is push all your heavier and bulkier items to the back of the unit and against the walls and work inwards. There will be times that you’ll need to access your unit to retrieve something of importance, and the best thing to do with items that you think you’ll need is to keep them stored by the doors for easy access.
Depending on the unit you select, you may find that you already have racking or shelving to store those awkward items that you couldn’t fit into a box. Speak with our facility manager about whether it’s possible to fit your own or can source some for you.
Racking Really Helps Protect Your Stuff
You might want to download the handy Store Log Flog app to help you log, map and store all your valuable items to ensure you’re using your rented space as efficiently as possible.

The way you. might pack and indoor storage unit compared to outdoor container storage may be different so take a look at our in-depth comparison HERE

For a more in depth look at storage unit sizes read the helpful article we have written A Detailed Guide to Self Storage Unit Sizes

No deposit, no reservation fee, no notice period, no hassle, just pay for what you need. Ultimate convenience for safe and secure easy access self storage, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are looking for self storage in corby then contact our friendly team to discuss what we can do to help with our self storage facilities.

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