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Maximise Your Space: Choosing the Smallest Storage Unit for Your Needs

When space is a limited resource, the smallest storage unit can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you’re shrinking in size, organising or just needing to put away seasonal items, discovering the right unit for your requirements will provide an ideal solution. This guide provides all that’s needed regarding understanding different sizes of units and optimising their use through security measures and rental parameters so as to maximise utilisation of storage capacity.

Key Takeaways
  • Small storage units like 16 sq ft, 20 sq ft, and 35 sq ft are ideal for storing items ranging from a few boxes to small furniture, with the size dependent on individual needs and space requirements.
  • Choosing the smallest storage unit necessary can save money, simplify organisation, enhance security, and reduce environmental impact by using space more efficiently.
  • Additional factors to consider when renting a storage unit include climate control needs, security features, access hours, rental contract length, costs, and insurance, as well as prohibited items and the flexibility to change unit size.

Understanding the Smallest Storage Unit Sizes

When deciding on a self storage unit, the size is one of your key decisions. Storage companies provide different sizes starting from 10 square feet up to over 500 sq ft. To make it easier, use an appropriate personal storage unit size guide offered by these providers. As far as the smallest units are concerned (16-35 sq ft), they’re mainly utilised for short periods and small items. Such as those stored by students temporarily needing them for only limited possessions at any given time in their lives.

16 sq ft Self Storage Unit
For those who need personal storage of small items or even for business needs, 16 sq ft lockers are our the smallest of our storage unit sizes and an ideal student storage solution. Cost-efficient and practical with just enough space to store a few boxes, these units help free up some precious space while keeping all belongings safe and sound. Students often take advantage of them when taking breaks from their studies as well.

For a more in depth look at storage unit sizes read the helpful article we have written A Detailed Guide to Self Storage Unit Sizes

Lockers provide the perfect choice if you’re looking to declutter your place by storing several suitcases or bags without breaking the bank. Offering great value for money, they provide ample storage capacity in such a tiny package! Remember that our 16 sq ft units are 8 ft high so there is a lot of space if you stack items carefully.

For more details and pricing click HERE

20 sq ft Self Storage Unit
When looking for extra personal storage space, a 20 sq ft size storage unit is the perfect size and offers similar capacity to that of a small van or single car garage. It can fit up to 40 medium boxes as well as store several pieces of small furniture which makes it an ideal solution for both personal belongings and business items like stationery, paperwork, and equipment. Finding the right storage company or removal company is also essential when choosing the appropriate sized self storage room so one should take time in selecting their preferred option out of 10 sq ft units all the way up to larger ones such as this type.

35 sq ft Self Storage Units
For those who need to store small furniture and seasonal items in a self storage unit, a 35 sq ft unit is the ideal option. These units can be likened to small garden sheds or single garages, perfect for storing away various bits of equipment and furniture securely. There are more than twice the size of our 16 sq ft units and are also 8 ft high so thats lots of space if used wisely.

Businesses too could use these types of business storage units to their advantage – stowing away monitors, filing cabinets and any other rarely used, office equipment and supplies which take up valuable space when not needed.

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Benefits of Choosing the Smallest Storage Unit

Opting for the smallest storage unit available can offer numerous advantages, particularly for those looking to store a limited number of items or seeking a budget-friendly solution. Firstly, smaller units are typically more affordable, making them an excellent choice for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget. They are also more energy-efficient, reducing the environmental impact, which is increasingly important in today's eco-conscious world.

Furthermore, managing and organising a smaller space is often easier, leading to better oversight of your stored items and minimising the chances of losing track of your belongings. This size is ideal for storing seasonal items, documents, or small collections, ensuring your items are safe and accessible without paying for unnecessary extra space. For city dwellers with limited space in their homes or those in transition between moves, the smallest storage unit presents a practical and cost-effective storage solution

For a deeper look at the factors affecting the cost of storage then the following article, “Storage Costs” may be helpful

How to Determine if a Small Storage Unit is Right for You

It is essential to accurately estimate your storage needs before selecting a unit size. You have to weigh the amount and measurements of goods for storing, and also how much space and long you will be keeping them stored away. A thorough compilation of items that need safekeeping should be created so as to precisely ascertain necessary space capacity. Examples include furniture pieces, appliances, apparel articles and home renovation materials like CDs or DVDs. Taking into account cubic footage can help properly determine the correct level of required storage room needed for these different types of possessions kept in small units.

Flexible Storage Rental Durations: From Short-Term to Long-Term

Storage units provide a highly flexible service for both short-term and long-term storage needs. Whether you are in need of temporary space during your move, or require an ongoing business storage solution, there is an option to suit your specific requirements. Short rentals often happen on a month by month basis. While longer arrangements involve entering into agreements lasting several months up until extended periods of time with discounts or promotions available depending upon the length chosen. Cost effective solutions that fit all storage demands can be found when renting one of these handy units! At Smartbox Self Storage you can rent for any period you need and there is not notice period required or cancellation fee.

Tips for Organising and Maximising Space in a Small Storage Unit

In order to utilise the maximum amount of space in a small storage unit, organisation is imperative. Vertical space can be utilised by implementing shelving systems such as joist-space wire shelves or standing models like bookcases. Plastic boxes with lids provide optimal stacking capabilities due to their durability and convenience, plus they protect fragile items from being stacked on top of each other and shield your feet when accessing stored goods since you need enough walking space. 

While it’s incredibly tempting to pack all your smaller items in together, it’s a better idea to sit down before packing to categorise all your belongings to avoid unpacking and then repacking boxes, looking for something specific later down the line. One way to do this is through the Store Log Flog app, where you can generate a logit card for each of your items and include details of their location and value as well.

Finally, labelling for rapid item identification provides an efficient way to categorise inventory systematically so that multiple boxes don’t have to be opened up prior to retrieving what is needed—saving time!

Climate Control Storage Units: Are They Necessary?

Climate-controlled units help protect items, like wood furniture in particular, by maintaining a consistent atmosphere that does not experience drastic temperature variations. Before deciding to use these types of units for storage needs, it is essential to assess your goods and determine if the environment they will be kept in requires climate control. Otherwise there may be damage or complete loss of belongings.
Indoor Units offer Maximum Protection

Security Measures and Lock Options for Small Storage Units

When it comes to security, storage units can provide a number of safeguards. Most storage companies have secure fencing surrounding them and are outfitted with cameras for video surveillance, motion sensors as an additional deterrent, gated access that requires permission before entering and may also feature on-site security personnel. Alarm systems add extra protection. To ensure the utmost safety when renting one of these small spaces, it is important you select strong locks designed specifically for self storage.

24/7 Access: The Convenience of Round-the-Clock Storage

In today's fast-paced world, having unrestricted access to your belongings is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. This is where 24/7 access to self-storage lockers becomes invaluable. Imagine the freedom of visiting your storage unit at any hour – whether it's to retrieve camping gear for a spontaneous weekend getaway or to drop off items after a late-night move. This round-the-clock accessibility ensures that your storage schedule can seamlessly align with your unpredictable and busy lifestyle. Not only does it offer unparalleled convenience, but it also provides peace of mind, knowing that you can access your personal or business items whenever the need arises. 

Facilities offering 24/7 access often employ state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance cameras and secure entry systems, ensuring that your possessions are safe at all hours. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who may require access to work materials outside of regular business hours, or for individuals who simply value the flexibility to manage their storage on their own terms
Smartbox 24/7 Access for Free

Rental Duration and Costs: What to Expect

It is important to consider both the rental duration and the cost when renting small storage unit sizes. According to data, prices in Britain typically range from £25 upwards per square foot each month for such units.

Long-term agreements may provide savings, yet there might be additional charges associated with short-term rentals – this includes fees for being late on payments or extra services provided by the supplier of the storage space.

The quickest way to find out how much a self storage unit will cost is to simply go online and check the prices for the range of storage units available. You can select the size of your unit (our unit size calculator can help you to visualise how much space you’ll need) and the location that is most convenient to you. 
Plan How long you Need Storage

Storage Insurance: Do You Need It?

When renting self storage, insurance coverage is needed. Rates for this type of protection can range anywhere from £10 per month in order to have up to £1500 worth of coverage. Storage facility owners usually require that the tenant be insured before accessing their units.

Storage protection policy offers an assurance against damages or theft concerning stored items held off-premises and provides payment if such unfortunate events were to occur while one’s possessions are located within the designated area. The cost may differ depending on which provider you select but it will remain relatively consistent overall at most facilities across the board when dealing with storage insurance costs specifically.

We would always recommend using our own specialist self storage policy contents protection provided through our Store Protect Policy which in the event of a claim, will provide you with both the appropriate cover and dedicated support. Third party policies may not be able to provide this level of service in helping you process any claim.
We understand that your possessions are valuable to you. That’s why at Smartbox Self Storage we do everything we possibly can to make sure they’re safe and secure while in storage. To provide that extra peace of mind we ask that all our customers protect the value of their goods.
Ensure you are 100% Protected

Prohibited Items in Small Storage Units

When storing your items, you should be aware of what is and isn’t allowed. Examples include illegally obtained objects, weapons or ammunition such as firearms and explosives. Neither animals (live or dead) can be stored either, along with combustible materials that may lead to a fire hazard like hazardous/toxic substances or radioactivity sources. Perishable goods are not permitted since they could result in health risks due to mold infestation from pests, which makes them unhygienic. Always check the regulations with the respective storage facility before making arrangements for using its services.
If you are still unsure whether you can store a specific item at a Smartbox Self Storage site then take at look at section 18 of your terms and conditions for a more detailed explanation.
Check What you are Allowed to Store

While self storage units offer a convenient and secure storage option for many types of belongings, there are restrictions on what can and cannot be stored in these units. It is important to be aware of these limitations to avoid any legal issues, protect the safety of the facility and its tenants, and ensure that your belongings are properly stored and protected. For more tips read our blog on What Not to Store

Renting a Small Storage Unit: Tips and Considerations

When looking to rent a small storage unit, various aspects must be taken into account. It is important to find a nearby facility that makes your possessions readily accessible and offers flexibility in terms of storage size and requirements depending on the situation. Also essential is ensuring optimal security for your items. This can include having 24/7 surveillance cameras, individual alarms connected to each unit, secure entry codes as well as personnel present at the site day or night. By taking these safety precautions you’ll have peace-of-mind when it comes time to leave whatever needs storing behind closed doors within any given storage space!

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Making sure you select the ideal self storage unit requires looking at your own special requirements. This guide offered detailed information to allow you to make a well-thought out choice – from recognising various unit sizes, organising what needs storing, considering rental costs and insurance coverage as well as how long it’s required. Overall though, even if it is one of the smaller units, storage can still provide substantial solutions!