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Contract & Payment

Signing the contract with Corby Self Storage

What documents are required to rent a self storage unit? 
You will be required to provide a form of photo identification such as a drivers license or passport, proof off address and a copy of your contents insurance, if you are not taking insurance with Corby Self Storage. 
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Do I have to pay a deposit when renting self storage units with Corby Self Storage Facility?
No, we do not require you to pay a deposit when you reserve your storage space. 
What is the minimum rental period?
There is no minimum rental period, you can rent all the storage units for as shorter a period as you require. There is no notice period, so just make sure that you inform us of your planned moving out date when you sign your contract. 
As soon as you have signed your contract and completed your online check-in, with our flexible easy access you can begin moving your belongings into your unit. 
What is the maximum rental period?
For all storage unit sizes, there is no maximum rental period. You can rent a unit for as long as you require it at our self storage facilities
You can cancel your rental agreement at any time, you don’t have to pay for storage that you don’t need. You don’t need to give us notice on your termination, just tell us when you plan to move out and your direct debit will be stopped when appropriate. 
What are my obligations when I rent a storage space?
Your rights and obligations are listed in our General Terms and Conditions
Paying the rent for your storage unit at Corby Self Storage

How do I pay my rent?
You can pay in one of the following ways:
Direct debit - when you sign your contract, you can set up a direct debit with us. The payments will automatically be debited from your account each month you are renting a storage unit with us. 
Standing order - just contact our friendly team and they can help set this up for you

What payment methods are accepted at Corby Self Storage?
We accept debit (Visa Electron)  and credit cards (MasterCard and Visa). We cannot accept American Express. 
Does Corby Self Storage charge administration fees?
We do not charge administration fees.

Are there any other extra costs?
The only additional costs when renting a storage unit with Corby Self Storage is the contents protection policy to protect yourself and your belongings. 
For an extra cost, you can use our StoreProtect policy for your contents when you reserve your storage unit or provide evidence of your own contents insurance. 
Details of the StoreProtect cover we offer can be found HERE and more detailed look at storage costs HERE
Do I pay VAT on the storage prices when renting a storage unit?
Yes, the prices displayed on our site are exclusive of VAT, you can see your total monthly cost inclusive of VAT before you confirm your booking. 
Cancelling your contract with Corby Self Storage

Is there a notice period to end my storage rental contract?
No, there is not notice period, simply let us know when you wish to move your belongings out of the storage unit and your direct debit will be terminated appropriately.

Do I have to rent the storage unit for a set time or can I cancel at any point?
There is no minimum rental period, you can rent a storage unit for the amount of time you require it. 

How can I cancel my contract?
The quickest way to cancel your contract is to log in to your Corby Self Storage account online and cancel your agreement. If you require assistance, please call us on 01536 402116.

What happens when my contract ends?
When your contract ends and you remove your belongings, please make sure that your units are empty and swept clean. You will also need to remove and return the combination and padlock. 
If this is not done, Corby Self Storage reserves the right to extend customers rental contract. 
I have cancelled my contract but rent has been taken from the bank account, what should I do?
No further action will be required from you. Any excess charges will be deducted in your final bill or you will be credited separately. 
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a member of our team on 01536 402116. 

Other questions about contracts and administration

How do I notify Corby Self Storage of changes of address?
You can update your details by logging into your Corby Self Storage account or contact a member of our team on 01536 402116 or email info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my contract or payment?
If you have any questions about your contract or any other administrative questions, our customer services team are always happy to help. 

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You can email us info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk or contact us on 01536 402116
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