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Self Storage StoreProtect Property Protection Policy

To protect your belongings, it is essential to protect them whilst storing them with Corby Self Storage.  
Get Fully Covered
Get Fully Covered

Will my belongings be insured at Corby Self Storage?
In order to protect yourself and your belongings you will need contents cover for all your items in storage. You must be covered in order to store your items in all the storage units. 
You can select an appropriate amount of cover when you make you book your self storage unit with us. 
Simply select how much it would cost to replace the value of the items in your self storage units and the monthly premium will be added your monthly storage unit costs.  

How can I protect my belongings?
It’s compulsory to cover your items before storing them at Corby Self Storage. You can arrange this one of two ways. 
●      You can take out the StoreProtect policy created especially for Corby Self Storage customers on our booking page when you reserve your unit. 
●      You can take out your own contents insurance. Make sure you check the terms and conditions for contents insurance offered for property that is stored externally as these may differ from traditional insurance policies. 

How much does it cost to cover my belongings?
The extra cost of covering your belongings with Corby Self Storage starts from £9.75 per month. 
The cost of your premium will depend on the value of contents that are stored in the unit. The costs can be seen on the StoreProtect section of the booking page, using drop down menu.

What are the terms and conditions of the StoreProtect policy?
The policy covers direct damage or loss of property throughout the duration of storage. The policy insures the contents of your unit upto the value of your premium. Should you need to make a claim, you can claim up to the declared value of the belongings. 
Your policy will protect your contents at our self storage facilities in the unlikely event that the unit is affected by fire, lightening, water damage, storm damage or theft. 
The maximum amount that will be received if a claim is made is the maximum covered amount, this will only be made payable if all the policy conditions are met. Read the full terms and conditions of the policy. 

How do I take out the Corby Self Storage StoreProtect?
You can take out a policy at the time of your storage space booking. Simply select the amount you would like to cover and confirm the reservation. 
Read more about how our terms and conditions protect your belongings.  

How do I get in touch with the Corby Self Storage facility?
If you have any questions about insuring your storage unit, you can email us info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk or contact our friendly team on 01536 402116
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