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Storage Unit Details

About our Self Storage Units

What sizes of units does Corby Self Storage have?
Corby Self Storage offers self storage units from 40 sq.ft up to 320 sq.ft.

What dimensions are the storage units?
All 20ft standard shipping containers measure 160 sq ft (13.75 sq m). That’s about the size of a small double garage. 
The internal measurements are:
Imperial: Length – 19ft 3in | Width – 7ft 7in 
Metric: Length – 5.88m | Width – 2.34m 

What is the height of all the storage units?
Our storage units are approximately 8ft 9in/2.4m high
Indoor & Outdoor Storage Units
Indoor & Outdoor Storage Units

What types of units do your self storage facilities have?
Corby Self Storage offers indoor or outdoor storage units. All of our units are purpose built to the highest standards. 
Our storage facilities have the following types of secure access:
●      Combination lock: You will be given free lock with a unique code to access your unit.
●      Padlock: Our outdoor storage units are fitted with high security lock box plus a complimentary heavy-duty padlock with a personal key at no extra cost
●     Smartphone App: Every indoor unit at our indoor self storage facility is individually alarmed and can only be accessed via the app. You can remotely share secure access to your unit at any time.
Is an indoor unit or outdoor unit better suited for you?
●      Indoor units offer protection from the outside elements.  Our indoor self storage units are purpose built and offer unique drive up access. 
●      Outdoor units are on ground level, allowing you to drive right up to your storage container for easy access, 24/7.
For a more detailed look at the difference between indoor and outdoor read THIS

What is the temperature inside my storage unit at Corby Self Storage?
The temperature will depend on the location of your self storage unit. Our friendly team can help you with any specific questions or requirements. 
Is my storage unit ventilated?
Corby Self Storage offers well ventilated units. Our outdoor units feature XL Ventilation patented system, allowing 8x more air flow and 12 extra vents.

Is there anything I can't store in my storage unit?
For a full list please read section 18 of our terms for details of what personal belongings or business tools and equipment you cannot put in store 

Choosing a storage unit

How do I know which size storage unit is suitable for my needs?
●      You can use our online unit size calculator to determine the unit size required.  
●      You can get in touch with our team at Corby Self Storage and speak to a member of staff who can help you to find the right storage solution for you. You can call us on 01536 402116 or email info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk.
How should I pack items into my container?
Please read our blog post tips on how to pack your unit in order protect your goods and maximise the space usage

If I need more or less storage space, can I move to another unit?
Yes, we understand that customers circumstances change and so will your long term storage requirements. You can move to a larger or small storage room should the need arise to suit your needs, for free. A member of our team can help you with this, you with the only change in cost being the difference in unit price.
Renting a storage unit at Corby Self Storage

How much does a storage unit cost at Corby Self Storage?
The price you will pay for your storage unit will depend on the size of your unit. Storage prices range from £9.25 per week.

If you are thinking of long term self storage then have a read of our article here
How do I rent a storage unit from Corby Self Storage? 
●      Book through our website: this is the most convenient and flexible way to rent a storage unit. You can use our online calculator to determine the size of your room, select the type of storage you require and then reserve your unit. Visit our website to reserve your unit. 

If you want to understand more about storage prices then head over to our blog post 'What does self storage cost" or our FAQs HERE

How do I get in touch with Corby Self Storage?
You can email us info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk or contact us on 01536 402116
Any other questions we can help with then click here
Safe & Secure Indoor Storage Units
Safe & Secure Indoor Storage Units