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How to clean your self storage unit

At Corby Self Storage we take time to ensure a clean , safe and secure self storage facility throughout the entrance, parking and unloading area to reduce the rate of bugs, vermin, and other pests from getting into belongings, but what can you do to keep the inside of your storage unit clean?
The best method begins when you first move in! Read our blog for some top tips to make life easier in the long run and give you easy access to your stuff.
Highest Quality Drive Up Self Storage Units
Highest Quality Drive Up Self Storage Units

Keep your belongings clean before filling self storage units
A best practice in all self storage situations is to carefully clean your items, no matter what they are. This means brushing out the crannies of a keyboard, washing the salt and grime off your car’s undercarriage, and removing as much lint as you can from that dryer. Also, always check for water anywhere.
Dust and debris can cause scratches and deterioration over time, and any traces of water can cause rust in metals as well as mould growth in fabrics or paper. For outside storage units, ensure they are dry when you have finished.
A good way to ensure many items, such as furniture, mirrors, or glass surfaces, stay clean is to place a breathable tarp over them to keep dust and other debris off the items.

Use the right packaging in storage units
When packing your items, it’s always ideal to use original packaging. If that isn’t possible, however, use appropriately strong cardboard boxes, though plastic crates may be preferred. Do not overpack the boxes, and always make sure you clearly label what is on the outside for easy inventory and pick up when the time comes to collect them.
It is also worth noting how to avoid condensation and damp creeping into your unit and damaging your possessions by reading our blog on the subject. 
However, for whatever reason you may need to clean things up, regardless of whether your storage is getting overfull, want to practice regular maintenance, or perhaps you haven’t visited our Corby self storage facilities in a long time.
Prepare Storage Packing and Cleaning Materials
Prepare Storage Packing and Cleaning Materials

1. Prepare yourself to clean
This first step is crucial in the case of having overfull small storage units or one you haven’t visited in years. It will likely have more clutter and dust than anyone would prefer, and it can be a bit overwhelming. A few tips to start with this important first step:
·       Devise a plan – Make your best estimate on how many hours or days you’ll need, and schedule it out. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your storage unit does not need to be cleaned in an hour. Pull together the right equipment and tools particularly if its one of our larger 160 sq ft units.
·       Enlist help – Whether a spouse, partner, friend, or family member, working alongside someone can make any process seem less of a worry.
·       Give yourself grace – If you’re cleaning out personal or sentimental items, keep in mind this can be an emotional process, so give yourself some time and patience.

2. Document everything you have in your self storage unit
Another important step for those who haven’t been in their storage unit for a while, make sure that once you get inside, you take account of everything that you have waiting for you there. This can be done with a notepad and pen or even just texting yourself a list of things you have. This will be useful for helping you get a better idea of how long the process will take you as well as what items you may be getting rid of (more on that later.)
In dealing with near-capacity units or tight spaces, start by documenting and clearing out a corner to give you accessibility to the other items, then work your way in taking inventory from there. If you have used storelog when you first filled the unit it will be much easier. This is particularly useful for long term storage.
Handy Apps for Logging Storage
Handy Apps for Logging Storage

3. Keep, throw out, donate and sell
You can begin decluttering your storage unit by grabbing each item and taking a bit of time to determine if it should go in one of three piles: the keep pile, the trash pile, or the pile to give away or sell. This method has been proven to help declutter your storage access. A few tips to help you decide which pile to place your belongings in:
·       Keep pile – Do you need this item or does it give you joy? Then keep it.
·       Rubbish pile – Is it broken, unsalvageable, or otherwise useless? This should be removed from your store to be thrown away or recycled.
·       Giveaway or sell – To put it simply: if it’s useable but you don’t have an immediate or future need for it, consider blessing someone else with the item or making some money by selling it off.

4. Reorganize and your stuff
If you have shelves, now would be a good time to dust them with a wet wipe, towel, or microfiber dusting cloth. It’s also a good time to reorganize your belongings so your storage works for you. If you’re not using plastic totes, then you should consider it as cardboard is likely to wear down over time as well as have more crevices for dust and debris to collect.
Another tip would be to leave a small stash of cleaning supplies directly in your secure store that are easily accessible. For long term users, it’s recommended you visit your store at least once every other month, if not monthly. By having a small supplies of safe cleaning supplies and equipment, you can routinely wipe down and keep the inside of your storage unit clean of dust and other contaminants that could harm your belongings or attract unwanted pests.

For a more in depth look at storage unit sizes read the helpful article we have written A Detailed Guide to Self Storage Unit Sizes

Cleanliness is an important thing, even in large storage units, and whether its for short term moving house use, student storage or longer term business storage, with a few simple steps you can maintain a hassle free, clean environment for all your stored belongings at home, at work, and at your Corby self storage facility.
Clean and Secure Self Storage
Clean and Secure Self Storage

If you are thinking of storing a car then there are some additional measures you should consider, read more HERE

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