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Using a Smartbox Self Storage Facility to Move Your Business online

We’re living in an age where it’s getting easier and easier to become your own boss. The internet opens up fantastic opportunities for people to work from home and start their own business. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to organise and consider. 
The growing trend in recent years for businesses moving their operations online has greatly accelerated as businesses have had to be more flexible and adaptable in the much-changed business arena.
 Here are some reasons your business should be considering long term storage units to help a move to establishing your business online:
Clean, Secure Indoor Units
Clean, Secure Indoor Units
 Create space by storing stock and equipment
If you’re working from home you need an office space. Somewhere quiet with a desk, great WiFi connection, and room for paperwork and files. If you need to de-clutter a room in your home, self storage units are the ideal solution. Keep the items you need to store away safe and free from damage. You’ll be able to truly open up your living space to allow more room for your business venture, all with the knowledge that your possessions are still accessible when you need them.
Don't Let Stuff Clutter Your Life
Don't Let Stuff Clutter Your Life
 Excess stock storage is cost-effective
If you’re going to run your business from home, you likely won’t have a lot of room for storing stock and you don’t want to fill your workspace with clutter and disorganisation. Again, storage units are the perfect facility to keep stock and packaging. Whether you are looking for large storage units or just small storage units, you can choose the ideal storage solution for you. Having the space to organise your products will make it quick and easy when you need to package something up and send it out
Organised and flexible space for a range of purposes
Long-term storage units are ideal for storing stock, as mentioned, but the business storage units can be used for other business purposes. Lighting, racking and shelving facilities are all available, allowing you to organise and tailor your space exactly as you want.
Clean and Organised Self Storage Unit
Clean and Organised Self Storage Unit

No Need for expensive retail space
Business storage units make it easy to move your business online because they reduce or remove the need for physical retail space. If you are paying rent for space you do not need nor want, or you intend to move your business fully online, then self-storage units offer you that option.
Get peace of mind with safe and secure storage
If storing stock you will want the peace of mind that your space is safe and secure. A business storage unit can offer 24-hour security services, intruder alarm systems and personal access door entry controls along with important fire and safety precautions and systems.
Business storage units offer clean, dry, modern facilities to your business at cost-effective rates that allow you to manage your business in the manner you want.
High Quality Drive up Units
High Quality Drive up Units

Flexible terms for occupation of the units allow rental for different periods of time so not tying you down to long-term contracts and, at the same time, providing the option to increase or decrease the size storage unit you require giving you complete control over your business facilities and costs.
Self Storage Corby offer flexible, transparent storage agreements that you can end at any time with only a month’s notice and start back up again whenever you like, you only pay for what you use.

To find out more detail on the factors affecting storage prices then read our article 'What Does Self Storage Cost'

No deposit, no reservation fee, no notice period, no hassle, just pay for what you need. Ultimate convenience for safe and secure easy access self storage, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are looking for self storage in Corby then contact our friendly team by email or call 01536 402116 to discuss what we can do to help with our self storage facilities.

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