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Local Storage Units and Document Storage

Over time, paperwork and documents really start to add up, taking up a lot of unnecessary space. What once fitted in a small cabinet at the back of your office, has now turned into many boxes that contain paperwork that occupies an entire cabinet or storage closet. Even when you store most of your documents on your computers, anything can happen, and in many cases, hard drives are not always a reliable tool for sensitive documents, particularly if the hard drive stops working.
Documents Pile up Quickly !
Documents Pile up Quickly !
Many organizations, law firms, and banks hold sensitive data about their clients. These businesses need to adhere to strict security protocols to ensure these box file remain secure and private. Should a security breach occur, this can cost your company a significant amount of money. To avoid security breaches, sensitive paperwork, and data should be stored away from your primary office space. 
Regulations typically require that a business should use file storage for up to 10 years. That translates into loads of paper. Despite often being overlooked, proper document storage is vital to a business and that includes knowing which documents need to be archived and those that should remain closer at hand for easy access.
Our indoor self storage units are the ideal solution to this common problem. It is usually not necessary to allow historical records to take up space in your office or retail space. Consider moving this paperwork off site, to a convenient and secure location providing you with easy access when you need them again. Storing documents off-site could prove to be a lifesaver, space-saver, and money-saver.
Off-site document storage will not only free up space within your office and home but deliver a convenient, safe, hazard and bug free place to keep vital information. If you are concerned about how easily accessible your files and papers are, we offer a range of storage units and services to assist. Don’t move office; instead, free up space by storing your filing cabinets and records offsite which is an affordable alternative.
Reasons to Use Self Storage Facilities for Document Storage:
  • Ensure the Safety of Your Documents - The main reason why many companies choose the option of storing archives and important box files off site has to do with safekeeping. Leaving any type of sensitive document lying around can become a liability, using a self-storage facility ensures that all your confidential paperwork stays confidential. 
  • Increase Productivity - Documents and records in a business are usually of two categories: those which are required all the time and those which require to be archived. When the second category of documents and files are stored away securely, the productivity of your business will be boosted.
  • There will be less searching for organised documents and more work done.
  • Save Money - If you are currently storing your records in a commercial rented store or space, you are losing space you could be using. Cheap self storage gives a great return.
  • Improve office Health & Safety - Don’t run the risk of your archive boxes becoming a health and safety risk. Your staff might trip on them, or if they’re continually moving large boxes trying to make space, your staff may run the risk of injuring their back
  • Eliminate a fire hazard - minimises fire hazards as there are fewer papers and records lying around
  • Protection from damage - documents stored off-site are protected from accidental spills and tears and other everyday incidents that could cause damage to these important papers
  • Extra Organization and Space - If you have been dealing with loads of documents over the years, and you would like to become more organized, a self storage box is an ideal solution. With document storage, you can easily keep and store all your important documentation in one place, and free up space. 
  • Ease of Access - Having hassle-free access to your business documents when you need them should be at the very top of your list of requirements when choosing a self-storage provider. Unlike many self storage providers, we offer our customers access any day, any time, even Christmas day!
If you are looking for document storage at affordable prices, a self-storage facility like Corby Self Storage can assist you with a customised solution that matches up to what you need. Their indoor self storage units provide safe and secure document storage so business and home owners can have pace of mind their documents are in safe hands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.,
Fully Accredited
Fully Accredited

Features of using Corby Self Storage units at Corby Business Centre:
  • Designed to accommodate over 100 boxes
  • Three separate digitally controlled access gates/doors
  • 24/7 recorded CCTV monitoring
  • Each storage unit provides full-waterproof and vermin protection
  • Smartphone app unique access control to your storage unit
  • All storage units are individually alarmed
  • You can remotely, digitally share access to you unit anytime
  • LED lighting plus dedicated fire and smoke alarms
  • Self Storage Association Accreditations
  • Preferential Meeting Room Rates
Corby Business Centre
Corby Business Centre

Once you have made the decision that you want to store your business documents in a self-storage unit, there are several things you need to keep in mind when getting your boxes prepared. Use our handy online storage calculator, to determine how much space you need and if you are not sure how to pack your documents, here are a few handy tips.
Tips for packing and storing archive boxes and files offsite
Follow these tips to keep your business documents safe and minimise the effort involved in packing, storing, and – when necessary – retrieving them:
1.      Don't share your security code or the keys to the unit where the documents are stored with many people. In most cases, there are going to be personal files that are stored, and these only need to be accessed by individuals who have the proper authorization.
2.      Ensure each box file is dry and in good condition before placing them in self-storage; any moisture can result in the growth of mildew or mould
3.      When you are packing your document boxes, you need to make sure that you fill the boxes all the way to the top, and that you add filler material. Don't try to overstuff the boxes. Also, don't use newspaper as your filler, as the print may rub off on your documents.
4.      Place fragile business files, photographs, or blueprints into durable plastic sleeves prior to packing
5.      Be sure that your document storage boxes are no more than 10 – 15kgs. This will ensure you can move and lift them with ease.
6.      Don't leave the document storage boxes sitting on the ground. Instead, raise them up using cardboard, plastic sheeting, wood or by putting the boxes on pallets. Ideally, a great solution is to use shelving units for your document storage boxes.
7.      If it is possible, try to use boxes that have airtight packaging for your records. This will protect them from any type of insect damage.
8.      Put your oldest files in the back of your storage unit. Then, put the files that you may need to get into more often toward the front of the unit. The same is true for the box stacks you are going to make. Put the oldest ones (and the ones that are not going to be needed) close to the bottom and put your newer records near the top of the stack.
9.      Be sure to label all your boxes with a clear description of what is inside of them. You can use a numbering system for the stored boxes that you can then list in a spreadsheet to cross-check things when necessary. This will also make it easier for you to find the record you need when the time arrives. Perhaps consider colour coding boxes for easier access
Secure and Safe
Secure and Safe
The security and integrity of your business documents should be at the very top of your list of priorities when it comes to selecting a document storage provider. A good self storage provider will prioritise security within its facility and will always look to improve this. The most important thing to remember here is your shouldn't compromise in this area when considering storage unit prices.

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For more information on document storage or any other self storage related questions, feel free to contact our team at info@corbyselfstorage.co.uk or call us on 01536 402116. They can give you affordable storage unit prices and allow you to view our range of lockable indoor units at a convenient time.

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