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Container Storage Rental Explained

Shipping container storage is becoming an ever-popular option in storage space solutions. It's affordable, convenient, flexible, secure and easy to use, whether that is for personal storage or commercial storage.

Container storage is an affordable alternative to more traditional warehouse storage. With lower overheads container storage benefits from the same storage spaces at a significantly cheaper price, with no sacrifice to the security of stored possessions. Our shipping container layout allows hassle free storage with each and every storage space having direct drive up easy access to your door, parking for loading, making access and commercial haulage as easy as possible.

What is a Shipping Container?
A shipping container is a solid metal, reusable box made from corten steel used to transport manufactured products and goods from point A to B. From household items such as coffee tables and TVs to microwave ovens, safely shipping containerised goods all around the world.

Before 1956, each and every box had to be manually moved and stacked onto a ship, making the process time consuming and labour intensive. Then, Malcom Mclean pioneered the concept of containerisation, which condenses all of the goods into secure containers, reducing congestion in ports, shortening shipping times, and minimising damage and theft. Shortly after, Keith Tentlinger, a mechanical engineer and inventor, developed designs such as corner castings and twist-lock systems. These would allow containers to securely connect to each other and various modes of transport such as trains and trucks using the twist-lock system.
Robust and Stackable
Robust and Stackable
Thanks to these simple, yet revolutionary ideas, shipping containers increased international trade contributing to the sustainability of economies all over the world The port of Shanghai, China is the busiest in the world, managing over 42 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) containers in 2018

Why are Shipping Containers Good for Self Storage sites?

There are many good reasons to use a shipping container for storage, but one of the most important reasons is that shipping containers are constructed to be very strong.
Shipping containers are designed to transport heavy cargo across the ocean in every type of weather, from blistering sunshine and smooth sailing to storms and conditions that would make the most experienced sailor baulk. Shipping containers are made to withstand a beating.

Another reason to use a shipping container for storage is its portability. Being able to easily move your shipping container from one site to another is another reason why they make great storage options.
You can have a shipping container delivered and dropped off at your home or business ready for you to use, whether that’s for storage, moving premises, or any other reason you can think of.
Flexible Locations
Flexible Locations
With shipping containers being designed to be weather and waterproof, you can be sure that your containers will withstand the harshest of weather conditions, keeping all of your belongings safe and dry from rain, snow, or whatever the British climate can throw at it, providing yet another reason why shipping containers are ideal for domestic and business storage.
Dry in All Weathers
Dry in All Weathers
Rodent & Bug Proof
You will want storage that not only keeps your valuables safe from the elements but also from an infestation of bugs and rodents, particularly if you want to start perishable goods. Shipping containers can keep pests out that could destroy or damage the contents of your container

Shipping Containers Designed With Self Storage in Mind
When it comes to secure storage with a 20ft container we offer 2 options, new and used. Our new containers are designed with the storage user in mind and have special built in features
  • Patented Condensation Fighting XL Vent System. Supersized door vents providing up to 8x more airflow than any other container with our patented next generation XL Vent system
  • Header Vents. This is a unique multi-vent header panel. Located on the front wall (sometimes thought of as the rear of the container) it provides unrivalled additional end-to-end ventilation for your container.
  • Multi Side Vents. A generous series of standard shipping container air vents are also positioned along both sides of the container. Supplementary airflow for the already powerful XL Vent system.
  • Easy Clean Floor Coating. Wash away more stains and keep your container looking better thanks to our special floor coating treatment
  • More Rugged Construction That's Built to Last. Fuller thickness corten steel and added protective paint to help guard against corrosion for longer
  • Damp Defence Floor. This shipping container is built with a special PU coating applied to the 28mm thick wood floor. The easy wipe floor coating helps prevent the wood from becoming a potential source for condensation moisture.
    Easy to Clean
    Easy to Clean
  • Easier Open Single bar Door Operation. Great for storage users who need regular access. The waist height locking bars makes opening and closing the doors more convenient
  • Built-In Storage Security Factory fitted lockbox included as standard to keep your heavy duty padlock safe and secure

How much Can You Fit In a Container Storage unit?
Exactly how many boxes can fit in a storage container will be determined by the size of the container you choose. Likewise, how much furniture can fit in a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 40-foot container will depend on the size of the items. We offer a wide variety of container storage sizes to suit all private, commercial and industrial needs alike. Whether your storage requirements are for a handful of personal possessions, moving house or extra space for the storage of larger commercial goods, we offer storage solutions of all shapes and sizes.
If you’re still unsure as to the ideal shipping container sizes for your needs, use the information below as a useful guide. Alternatively, get in touch with our dedicated customer service team today to discuss your needs.

Self Storage Container Unit Sizes
Choose from a variety of container storage sizes to suit every requirement and budget. We offer safe and secure storage containers in different sizes for a wide range of uses. All our containers are 8ft wide and 8ft 6in tall so there is lots of height to help you store as much as possible. It is worth reading out blog on how to pack carefully to maximise how much you get in but also protect your belongings from damage.

Extra large 40ft shipping containers offer 320 sq ft of storage space.
  • Around 500 medium* sized boxes
  • The equivalent of a large house and garages
  • twelve transit van loads

Large 20ft shipping containers offer 160 sq ft of storage space.
  • Around 275 medium* sized boxes
  • The equivalent of a 4 bedroom house
  • Six transit van loads

Our medium/large 15ft shipping containers offer 120 sq ft of storage space
  • Around 225 medium* sized boxes
  • The equivalent of a 3 bed flat.
  • four transit van load

Our medium 10ft shipping containers offer 80 sq ft of storage space.
  • Around 175 medium* sized boxes
  • The equivalent of a 2 bed flat or house
  • Two or three transit van loads

Our medium 5ft shipping containers offer 40 sq ft of storage space.
  • Around 85 medium* sized boxes
  • The equivalent of a 1 bed flat.
  • One transit van load

If you are looking to store and you are unsure what size you need then then our article Choosing the Right Size may be helpful.

All containers guaranteed to be clean and dry and are supplied with combination coded padlocks plus heavy duty security padlocks. No deposit is required, we just ask that the padlock and key be returned at the end of your storage container rental period.
Direct Floor Access
Direct Floor Access
What does Container Storage Rental Cost?
There are a number to take into consideration when looking for competitive prices for self storage units to meet your storage needs; the location of the container storage facility, standard of the facilities, level of security offered and ease of access to name a few. However, we appreciate that for most people, the price of a self storage space will probably be the biggest factor when you decide to use a self storage facility for storing your stuff.
Always a Trade Off
Always a Trade Off

It's always good to remember that the cheapest self storage facility is not always the best option. We would always recommend visiting the container storage facilities and talking to our friendly staff, before making your final decision to hire.

The price of self storage will depend on a few factors:

1) Location 
The location of the container storage facility will be reflected in the self storage prices. Like most things, the closer you are to city centres the more things tend to cost.  The closer you are to London the higher you can expect the prices of self storage to be and as you move further north in the UK the storage cost tends to be less.

2) Size of the unit 
Container storage facilities will have different size units available to rent; ranging in size from small units to larger storage units. These flexible spaces are charged by the square foot (Sq. ft) and typically the more room the less money per square foot.  

3) Length of stay  
Self storage prices vary depending on how long you stay.  Corby Self Storage offers an introductory discount (e.g 50% off for 8 weeks) on the self storage price to new customers, which can mean a substantial savings if you're only looking for temporary storage.   If you think you may need longer term storage then read our article to help specifically with this.

However, if you plan on staying for longer (e.g 6 months or more) you may be able to take advantage of any long-term discounts on offer to reduce your self storage cost. Some storage providers may also offer discounts for NHS, Military or Emergency Services employees, we certainly do at Corby Self Storage.  Details can be found on the website.

4) Replacement value  
In the very unlikely event that something happens to your belongings whilst in storage, most reputable storage companies will require you to either take out an insurance policy with them or provide your own. The cost of your insurance will depend on the replacement value of your goods.   This is certainly something we encourage and more details of what we offer at Corby Self Storage can be found below.
You can find out more HERE

StoreProtect policy as part of Secure Storage costs
Please note you must have a property protection policy to stay with us so if you don’t already have an insurance policy, you can use our StoreProtect cover (this is mandatory, so you can’t store without having a policy set up).
Be Fully Insured
Be Fully Insured
It’s easy to do, and our new-for-old policy is specially created for self storage. It’s also fully approved by the Self Storage Association, so you can rest assured that your possessions are safe and secure with us.
As with any policy, the cost of your cover depends on the value of your things. Find out more on our StoreProtect policy page Simply select how much it would cost to replace the value of the items being stored and we’ll add the cost of this cover to your bill.

Each and every shipping container across our site is monitored by security on a 24/7 basis for total peace of mind. What’s more, our site is manned during office hours and we are constantly inspecting both the site and our storage units for quality and protection. If you would like to find out more about optional insurance for your property, get in touch with our customer service team
Professional Customer Service
Professional Customer Service
What Can I Store in Shipping Container Self Storage Units
There are technically no restrictions as to what kinds of products can be stored in a container. Just as long as the items are both safe and legal, they can be stored safely in our containers.

When using shipping containers to store your belongings, if you must store white goods, make sure any freezers are fully defrosted and washing machines are completely emptied. That’s because any water brought into the container storage will evaporate and take some time to escape from the unit. Our recommendation is for customers to stop water from coming into the unit from the outset. That way everything from personal and electrical goods can be safely stored for as long as you require with zero issues. Check out our guidance on how to ensure no moisture gets into your unit and damages your goods - How to prevent condensation build-up in Self Storage Units
Avoid Storing Washing machines
Avoid Storing Washing machines

If you are looking to store anything that may be considered hazardous or dangerous and therefore may be prohibited, please contact our customer service team directly. In our terms and conditions we list out things that cannot be stored
Easy Access Drive up Units
Easy Access Drive up Units
Why Pick Container Storage Units At Corby Self Storage?
Features of using Corby Self Storage units at Corby Business Centre:
  • Drive up easy access to the door of your unit
  • Digitally controlled access gates for extra security
  • 24/7 recorded CCTV monitoring
  • Security fencing and flood lighting
  • Each storage unit provides full-waterproof and vermin protection
  • Benefits from free access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Unique access control with your own heavy duty padlock
  • All storage units have factory fitted lock boxes and unique key
  • Onsite helpful customer service team to assist you
  • Self Storage Association Accreditation
  • Preferential Meeting Room Rates

You can also benefit from access to an onsite shared business centre where you can make use of communal offices, meeting room and facilities as well as toilets and refreshments. Should you ever be unavailable, we can also take in deliveries and sign for goods on your behalf

If you still need to decide between using indoor storage or outside container storage then read this article Indoor Self Storage vs Container Storage

What makes the difference is the flexibility of the services we offer and our total commitment to customer care. No deposit, no reservation fee, no notice period, no hassle, just pay for the Corby storage you need
Our aim is to be accessible and secure, creating the ideal place for you to store your additional belongings. No matter what your reason for container storage, Smartbox Self Storage can help. If you are looking for self storage in Corby then contact our friendly team on 01536 402116 to see what we can offer or email info@smartboxselfstorage.uk

Smartbox selfstorage Storage Price Guarantee - We will not be beaten on price, find a cheaper comparable self storage unit anywhere locally, and we will match it!

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